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How to Create a Soothing Evening Routine to Unwind

Mornings are for productivity but come evening a relaxing routine is most needed.

I think we have all been there, thinking “this evening I’m going to pamper myself” and then ending up aimlessly scrolling through social media and feeling bitter.

Evenings should be a time of relaxation, a time to shed off the stress of the day, recharge and face a new day refreshed.

Relaxing evening routine

Leave the caffeine for the mornings

Caffeine addict? Sure it’s a great stimulant to get work done but as many of you know it is not recommended to drink any in the evening or you won’t sleep well.

This also includes teas, as they have theine which is the same type of stimulant. And your comforting matcha latte should be set aside too, unfortunately.

Instead, enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea. I usually opt for a nice cup of hibiscus and rosehip tea. I’m a big fan of it so I always have a box somewhere in the house. It’s very comforting and has a great aroma and taste.

Fear not, not all herbal teas are bland and I’m sure there’s something out there to suit your taste.

Change into comfortable clothes

You can’t have a relaxing evening routine without comfort. After a workday in the office or at home, it’s time to leave those clothes in the laundry. Either jump straight into pyjamas or loungewear, whichever feels better.

I go for the loungewear because I can still look chic but still comfortable. After all, loungewear is the 2020 uniform of many.

Take your time enjoying dinner

Take out or homemade food, put your phone down and enjoy it.

Food is made to be enjoyed, not munched on while distracted by your phone or TV. If you live with your partner then dinner should be a great moment of quality time. Tell them all your worries and stressful events, vent it out and listen to what they have to say as well.

We always cook at home and my boyfriend can make the most delicious steaks. We enjoy our dinner and talk about everything, and only afterwards we watch an interesting series.

Indulge in your skincare routine

Of cours, this is a skincare blog so an evening skincare routine is a must.

Compared to the morning, an evening routine can be indulgent. Whip out your sheet masks and prepare to pamper yourself.

When it comes to my evening skincare routine I love taking my time. I start early and apply my products one by one letting them absorb for 20-30 minutes or until I remember to apply the next. I apply my moisturizer last a few minutes before bed. And I take pleasure in each application, press the products gently and give myself a face massage. This feels very relaxing.

Don’t have a skincare routine yet? Here‘s how you do it.

Prepare for tomorrow

To sway away from the morning stress, prepare your day the evening before. Layout your clothes, prepare your purse, plan your breakfast. This will chase away any ruminating thoughts before bed and any stress related to your morning. You won’t forget anything and have everything together.

Read a book

Really. Put your phone down and open a book.

It can be anything. Just make your mind concentrate on something else than your day. Reading can reduce your stress levels by up to 68%!

Don’t doubt the power of a book!

Personally, I have my Kindle by the bed and always read at least a few pages. This makes me feel like I have accomplished a goal and also entertains me. I tend to read captivating books on different subjects. Every year I get obsessed with a few subjects and read 3-4 books about each. My most recent obsession is about dinosaurs, their evolution and extinction and how science can help us understand their life. It’s fascinating. I’m reading my second book about it an have some more lined up.

Cut off your screen time

My doctor just won’t stop nagging me about this because of my insomnia. It’s gotten better with medication, but I’m so sensitive to stress, and I relapse every time I get a bit anxious.

For a good night’s sleep, you need to cut off screen time entirely 2h before bed. That means no phone, no tablet, no computer, no TV. In the evening also opt to wear blue light blocking glasses to reduce the exposure to blue light. Set your phone to greyscale at a certain hour. That will signal you need to put it down. There are also tracking apps that will accurately tell you how much time you actually spend on your phone. You will be astonished.

Try this for at least 2 weeks and you’ll start seeing improvements!

Listen to a body scan meditation

If you like me, get stressed and tense during the day, a body scan meditation can be so relaxing. I do it right before going to sleep, 10 minutes suffice.

The body scan meditation aims to relax every single muscle in your body starting from your toes and finishing at the face muscles.

My favourite one is this one on youtube. The voice is very soothing and I love the ambient noises in it. I don’t listen to it completely, usually, 15minutes are enough for me to feel relaxed and start falling asleep.

Try it tonight!

I hope this gave you some ideas to relax and unwind this evening and right before bed! Don’t take this free time lightly and keep your body and mind healthy.

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    21/07/2021 at 8:02 PM

    You made an interesting point when you talked about how it is a good idea to wear loungewear when you are relaxing in the evenings. I would think that it could be a good idea to wear some kind of robe that is made out of organic materials. A robe made out of organic materials won’t irritate your skin or cause any strange reactions.

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