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Most Wanted – My Skincare Products Wishlist

My skincare wishlist is longer than life. And I’m sure that you all skincare enthusiasts can relate. Things just add up every day but you can’t get around to actually purchasing the products for various reasons.

For me, these reasons would be: either the brand is unavailable in Europe or their products are most likely out of my budget.

Let’s face it, higher prices don’t mean greater quality, and some brands out there are so tempting but oh so shady. And by shady, I mean that I don’t trust their claims, not that they’re lying.

I am curious did you try any of these? Are they also on your wishlist?

My skincare wishlist:


Tatcha is one of those brands that I’ve been lusting for ever since I saw them used by RawBeautyKristi. Everything from their packaging to their formulas is so beautiful.

And would you look at that it’s completely unvaialable in Europe.

Thay did inform me to be on the lookout soon meaning that they will probably make an appearance in 2021. But I have a gut feeling that once they’ll be available I will lose interest. It happened before with brands such as Herbivore. I was dying to get the Lapis oil and once it got available I couldn’t regurgitate the 70€. It might happen with Tatcha too, though I might try at least one product to satisfy my curiosity. Their lip balm for example is absolutely gorgeous.

So until them this will be here, on my skincare wishlist.

Youth To The People

Youth To The People is a brand that is partialy available at Sephora France. And it also a brand that never let me down.

Out of all the products I have tried, Superberry sleeping mask and oil, Adaptogen cream and mist, and the Kombucha Toner, all were a great hit. The Kombucha Toner has even become my holy grail AHA toner.

So, of course, I get excited by all their newest releases. But also let down because I have to wait one year to get my hands on them.

Their Yerba Mate exfoliating mask, Dream eye cream, and most recently the Vitamin C serum, are not available in Europe. I did contact them and they kindly informed me to be on the lookout for 2021, again.

As an impatient person and I feel very disappointed when I have to wait so long. I know it’s not that they don’t want to sell the products overseas, it’s the damn EU regulations. But I can’t help but feel jealous of my US counterparts.

Allies Of Skin

Although Allies of Skin is available at so many online stores thta ship to Europe, I still didn’t get my hands on their products.

Part of it is because they are expensive, at 100€ per products, and another part is because I have trust issues.

This is completely my opinion so don’t think that the brand has done something bad. But I can’t help but be sceptical when over and over again they try to convince me that they use exceptional ingredients and that’s why they have exceptional prices. How exceptional an ingredient can be? Is it custom made? I don’t know, I’m just not entirely convinced.

Many people swear that the price is justified and that the product is God sent, and they have all the rights to love them. It’s just me and my trust issues.

They do have a sister brand which is budget-friendly and has some interesting formulations, PSA Skin. And I bought two of their serums, The Most and Midnight Courage, during the Black Friday sale. You can find more about Midnight Courage here.

Tata Harper

Can you see in your mind’s eye the unique green aesthetics?

I am not a supporter of “clean” products. I plan to write a blog post debunking the fearmongering that is “clean beauty”. But until then, I don’t doubt that Tata Harper has great products despite the farm to face ideology.

I was introduced to the brand through Instagram, as one does. And I have seen brilliant reviews each time. So naturally, I am curious to know wether the products outperform more affordable brands. But let’s face it, when an eye cream is almost 300€, I’m not going to try these anytime soon.


The reason Zelens is on my wishlist is that I find that they have quite unique products. Provitamin D serum? Gimme. Ok, maybe a serum that protects the skin barrier isn’t that revolutionary but I do find it to be interesting.

There’s also the reason that when I started Instagram Zelens was a popular brand. I remember a person with whom I was in contact saying that it was such a great brand. It stuck with me ever since and I truly would like to try it one day.


I think everyone has already heard of their famous and luxurious Queen of Hungary Mist. They even have seasonal limited edition bottles. I would collect them if I could.

The reason I didn’t yet get my hands on their products is that they’re expensive. Even their lip balm is 40€! A very bougie lip balm might I say. But also there is nothing that has caught my attention in particular. Their products have a wonderful aesthetic, their formulas sound equally as wonderful, but there is no product that strikes me as a must-try NOW.

Nonetheless they are on my skincare wishlist. May be I will get one for my birthday.

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