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My New Year Resolutions

New Year New Me! Or that’s we always use to say. Every year there are new resolutions, sometimes outrageous, sometimes modest, but every year we kick ourselves because we can’t commit to them.

Last year I didn’t have any new year resolutions because I was at an all-time low. I started therapy end of 2019 so 2020 didn’t start on a good note. And then the pandemic struck.

This year I want to do a lot of things but I want to keep the list short and realistic. There are fitness, career, and skincare goals in this new year resolutions list. I want to think that all of this is doable if I stay on track and am disciplined.

Fitness goals

I have already mentioned in an Instagram post that I want to get the fittest I’ve ever been.

I’m not starting this out of blue. I have been regularly going to the gym and working out for the past 3 years. However, I have never achieved what I set my purpose to do with my gym membership: get shredded.

No, not in an over-muscled way. And there is nothing wrong with that. But my goal is to hold a feminine figure while also having apparent muscle definition. And of course, I want buns of steel.

I was already on the right track before the second confinement struck here in France, and I was extremely motivated. I still am, and the fact that the gyms are closed since November is making me cry. Really. It’s painful.

The gym has also played a huge role in my psychological well-being. Many times my sole purpose to get out of bed was to go to the gym. And then back to bed.

This year my goal is to take fitness and nutrition very seriously. You see, the secret here is discipline, not motivation. Only through discipline and pushing through days when I want to just lay in bed, will I achieve my goal.

I also believe that having this discipline will greatly improve other aspects of my life.

Career goals

This one I also shared on Instagram. As ridiculous as it may sound to those outside the social media sphere, I want to become a professional content creator/influencer/blogger. I want to make this passion for skincare my job.

And this is not out of hate for 9-5. There is nothing wrong with having such a job. It gives the benefit of stability and a certain income. I personally have a lot of issues with managers but have nothing against people who have a “normal” job.

Through the past months of 2020, I also realized how much work influencers actually put in. And how much brands can take advantage of them. I have also learned how to create a media kit, invoices, how to calculate my rates, what is copyright and licencing fees and so much more. And I want to share my knowledge with you as well.

I want to create a blog series where I can help others and make this information readily available. I think that we can all benefit from learning from one another rather than compete.

This year my goal is to negotiate paid partnerships and really learn how much my content is worth. I’m not planning on going full-time influencer just yet. This year I only want to dip my toes into it.

Skincare new year resolutions

Of course I also have some new year skincare resolutions.

I have 2 months of Accutane treatment left, and I can already see a huge improvement. I am virtually acne-free. All that’s left is the acne scars, physical and psychological. I will delve into this more in a dedicated post.

My goal for this year is to get rid of all the scars and hyperpigmentation. I plan on trying out products that help treat hyperpigmentation, more tranexamic acid obviously, vitamin c, retinol. But I also want to go and get professional treatments once it’s safe.

I have talked about my micro-needling experience in the past and how much I loved it. My plan is getting more treatments to improve the deeper scars. I also want to try chemical peels for hyperpigmentation, and of course, share my experience.

Unfortunately, I have to wait a minimum of a month after Accutane, to let my skin do a full regeneration cycle, before delving into these treatments.

Once these are done I don’t really know what to do with myself. Now that acne has been taken care of I feel a little bit empty. Maybe I’ll focus more on anti-ageing products. After all, I’m turning 30, and I feel old.

I am curious to know if you hae any similar goals or may be I inspired you to get some new year resolutions ready.

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