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Top 5 Best Skincare Gifts for the Upcoming Holidays

My pick on the best gifts for skincare lovers! These are all based on brands or products I have tried myself and would recommend or buy for friends and family.

I know what you are thinking: but Dana the holidays are still aeons away! Indeed they are, but 2020 has proven to be a fast-slow paced year and Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye. All the interesting beauty advent calendars are already SOLD OUT! So don’t wait, these gift sets might sell out like hot cakes as well!

Whether it is for yourself (like I often do) or for your friends, family, or significant other, here are some of the best holiday gifts for skincare lovers.

Disclaimer: recommendations are based on my own experiences and one product might work for me but not for you. Please do your research to further decide if this is something you wish to try.

The budget-friendly gifts for the skincare lovers

If you have been following me for a while you’ll know I love this brand. Their products are how effective and budget-friendly. I chose them above The Ordinary any day. These are the best gifts for beginner skincare lovers.

Hydration budle: Hemp, Snow Mushroom, Polyglutamic acid.

Dry skin types will love this. Granted you might not know the skin type of the person you want to gift it. In my humble opinion anyone can profit from these products especially since the colder months are approaching and the radiators are turned on (which makes the air very dry). Additionally the Hemp and Snow Mushroom serums/creams are very soothing which will make them perfect for the acne prone skins.

The Holiday Heroes: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Caffeine eye cream.

4 key ingredients that everyone should have in their routine. This is an ideal bundle that anyone can enjoy. The Retinol serum is very gentle and is one of my favourites. My only complaint about this bundle would be including the Vitamin C 30% which is not for the inexperienced. It can sting and it is silicone-based which makes it hard to work with if you’re a beginner.

The friend who cares about the planet

This is by far my favourite brand which is “Created for all genders, all skin types, all skin tones—all people—backed by three generations of skincare expertise.”

Granted it is a bit up there in price, but the quality of the products is also there. From all the products I have tried from them, I was never disappointed. The Kombucha Power Toner has Holy Grail place in my routine.

Protect the Planet: 5 Refillable Glass Minis

This is a fabulous bundle to introduce someone to the brand and you could almost consider this a full routine. You get a cleanser, a mist, an exfoliant, a cream and an oil. Just perfection. The oil has been a long time staple in my personal routine, along with the mist which is a delectable treat.

The bougie

Now, this is me who considers this a bougie brand. So take it with a grain of salt. But if you have a friend who loves a minimalist approach to skincare then this is a no-miss bundle.

The Hydration Set : Jet Lag, CC me, Lip Butter Balm

Jet Lag is an all-around versatile product that can be used in a variety of situations and for different uses. It can be a wash off hydrating mask, a moisturizer, an eye mask, an eye cream, a sleeping mask. It is delicious and fuss-free. The lip butter is a scrumptious treat. It has a vanilla scent, a beautiful shine, and a great stay on power.

The serum is the only one that I have not personally tried yet but it has a great formulation and compared to the previous vitamin c serum, this is very beginner-friendly.

Shop these recommendations bellow !

The one who loves the smell of flowers

Aesop Hand Balm Duo

For the fans of an aromatherapy experience, I highly recommend the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. However, contrary to the name, this does not have a thick texture you would expect from a balm. It is very creamy, absorbs easily without residue and is a sensorial treat. I personally love popping this on my hands during the day for the fabulous aromatic experience. It is very calming and relaxing and makes you take a little break for yourself.

And why not make the treat double!

The one and only skincare device they will need

Having raved up and down about this precious device, I cannot end this post without recommending it. This microcurrent device is a little wonder that can lift the muscles of the face and improve sagginess, wrinkles, and overall skin elasticity. I have a detailed review here.

Granted this is not for the humble budgets nor is it for the youngest generation. But if you have a loved one over 30 then I believe they will absolutely love this.

I hope this has inspired you and you found something you might want to snatch for yourself or for any loved ones.

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